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Sustainability unfolded – AI decoded

Key Highlights:
  • Sustainability Unfolded: Explore innovative sustainable practices shaping the tourism landscape
  • AI Decoded: Delve into the transformative power of advanced AI technologies in enhancing visitor experiences

Impressions of the LTS 2024

Signe Jungersted

CEO and founding partner of
Group NAO

Signe is CEO and founding partner in the innovation and strategy agency Group NAO.

Group NAO works with big and small destinations in Europe and North America, developing strategic processes and services. Group NAO also initiates and executes new agenda-setting collaboration programs, like Time for DMOcracy, and most recently AI Opener for Destinations with more than 55 partners across the Atlantic.

Signe, formerly Development Director at Wonderful Copenhagen, led a shift towards “localhood” and balanced livability with visitability. She spearheaded major projects like 10XCopenhagen. With a master’s in Political Science, she studied Mandarin in Shanghai, pursued management education at MIT and Hyper Island, and is completing an MBA in Creative Leadership in Berlin. Signe serves on Museum Odense’s Board.

Ranga Yogeshwar

Science Journalist

Emil's World – Life in the 22nd Century

Ranga Yogeshwar, an eminent science journalist, reflects on the future that awaits his grandson Emil, born in 2020, who may witness the 22nd century.

Amidst a global transformation towards sustainability, Emil’s generation faces new norms like AI, digital transformation, and social changes. Yogeshwar explores how shifts in values towards sustainability and meaningfulness mark a departure from today’s “business as usual”, promising a hopeful, better world for future generations.

Ranga Yogeshwar, a leading science journalist, has made significant contributions to popularizing science through media, earning over 50 awards. With a physics diploma from RWTH Aachen University, he started at Westdeutscher Rundfunk Köln in 1987, later becoming an independent journalist. Yogeshwar, who also received several honorary doctorates, is an acclaimed author and advocate for innovation and education in Europe.

Prof. Xavier Font


The 5 Benefits of Sustainability Marketing and Communication

Prof. Xavier Font, University of Surrey, shares how we – and you! – can reduce our impacts, improve customer satisfaction and expenditure, and reduce seasonality.

Dr. Font holds the position of Professor of Sustainability Marketing at the University of Surrey, UK. His extensive publication record spans the fields of sustainable tourism certification, alongside providing advice on sustainable product development, marketing strategies, and effective communication. With a vast experience in education, he has delivered more than 200 courses, reaching over 5,000 businesses, with a focus on marketing and communicating sustainability effectively.
Leena Lassila

Director, Visitor Attraction at Helsinki Partners

How Helsinki Thinks Sustainably

Leena Lassila, Director of Visit Attraction with Helsinki Partners, talks about the sustainability journey of Helsinki, including how they work collaboratively in inviting sustainable meetings and business events.

Leena Lassila is leading the Visitor Attraction unit at Helsinki Partners, which is a city marketing, investment and talent attraction company owned by the City of Helsinki. The company’s mission is to create sustainable growth for the future in Helsinki. Leena’s unit handles international travel trade, congresses, and corporate events, driven by a passion for sustainability, new innovations and cooperation.

Janie Neumann


A Movement of Changemakers

Janie Neumann, destination sustainability advisor with GDS-movement, shares how the GDS-index works as a transformation platform that enables destinations to become more regenerative and resilient places to visit, meet and live.

Janie Neumann, Senior Changemaker at GDS-Movement, boasts 20+ years of experience in tourism. Formerly Sustainability Manager at Visit Scotland for 11 years, she pioneered Scotland’s Destination Net Zero programme, aligning industry with low-carbon goals. Janie was also on the drafting committee of the UN Glasgow Declaration. She combines her experience to support and advise destinations working with the GDS-Movement and participating in the GDS-Index, enabling responsible, regenerative tourism practices worldwide.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Roman Egger

Adjunct Assistant Professor at Modul University Vienna & CEO at Smartvisions.at

GenAI for Tourism – And What It Means to You!

Prof. Dr. Dr. Roman Egger unfolds what the world is talking about, when it’s talking about generative AI. He reflects on why and how it is changing our work and industry – and demonstrates how you can get started today!

With dual PhDs in Communication Science and Sociology, Roman Egger’s career spans three decades of experience in the field of tourism, including teaching with a focus on eTourism and Data Science. A prolific author, Egger has contributed to 19 books and numerous articles, blending deep academic insights with practical industry expertise. His work demystifies the complexities of generative AI, providing actionable strategies for leveraging its capabilities in today’s digital era.

Joshua Ryan-Saha

Director of Traveltech at the University of Edinburgh’s Futures Institute

GenAI for Tourism – And What It Means to the Tourism and Travel Landscape!

Joshua Ryan-Saha is the Director of Traveltech at the University of Edinburgh’s Futures Institute, where he leads the application of data-driven innovation for the tourism, travel, hospitality and festival sectors.

He previously worked at The Data Lab, leading programmes to improve data science skills across Scotland. He joined from Nesta where he established the £10m Longitude Prize, which featured on BBC Horizon’s 50th Anniversary Episode. Before joining Nesta in October 2013, Joshua worked in Bosnia and Herzegovina developing and delivering projects related to constitutional reform and reconciliation.


Plan your trip to the luxembourg Tourism Summit



Mudam Luxembourg – Musée d’Art Moderne Grand-Duc Jean
3, Park Dräi Eechelen,
L-1499 Luxembourg-Kirchberg

Event at the Auditorium Room / Mudam
The Mudam Auditorium is a comfortable cinema-style room with 130 seats

How to get there:

Public Transportation

By Bus:
Nearest Bus Stop: Rout Bréck / Pafendall – Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg.
Bus Lines: Lines 1, 4, 16, 21, 25, and 30.
Walking Distance: From the bus stop to Mudam, it’s approximately a 5-10 minute walk.

By Tram:
Nearest Tram Stop: Philharmonie/Mudam or Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg
Tram line: line T1
Walking Distance: From the tram stop to Mudam, it’s approximately a 5-minute walk.

By Train:
the Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg, Gare train station is about an 18-minute walk from Madam.
You can access the Kirchberg plateau by using the funicular Pfaffenthal-Kirchberg.

By Bike:

Bike Parking:

There are bike racks available near Mudam for participants who prefer cycling.
Cycling Routes: If coming from the city centre or nearby areas, use the dedicated cycling paths leading to Mudam. It’s a convenient and eco-friendly way to reach the museum.
Bike-sharing: via the app Vel’oh https://myveloh.lu/.

By Car:
Parking: There’s a parking area available near the museum: Parking Trois Glands
Be aware that Mudam is located in a pedestrian area. If you arrive by car, there might be restrictions on dropping off or picking up passengers. It’s best to check signage when approaching the museum.

Impressions of THE lTS 2023

Our Commitment to a Sustainable and Socially Responsible Event:

Like last year, our goal is to create a meaningful and sustainable event that will have a lasting positive impact on the industry and the local community. With our annual conference, we are taking special steps to ensure that our event is environmentally conscious and socially equitable. Here’s how:

Reduced Paper Communications:
We are minimizing paper usage through online communication and registration.
Locally Sourced Goodies:
We will source all event materials and giveaways from local and sustainable businesses.
Sustainable Catering:
We also use organic products in our menu.
Location and Accessibility:
The summit will be held at a venue easily accessible by public transport. Bicycle stands are readily available nearby to encourage sustainable travel.