A Journey of Excellence

The full day conference with international keynote speakers on the development of tourism and business events, including top trends and innovations took place and was big success! Stay tuned for the 2024 edition!

Impressions of THE lTS 2023

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Map of the Venue:

Cercle Cité is located on the place d’Armes, in the heart of Luxembourg City. The area around the building is pedestrianised and non-accessible by car (apart from specific times and with a special permit granted by Luxembourg City).

3 Rue Genistre, 1623 Ville-Haute Luxembourg

How to get there:

Please note that this event is SOLD OUT. 


Signe Jungersted

CEO and founding partner of
Group NAO

Signe Jungersted will be moderating the Luxembourg Tourism Summit on 16th May 2023!

Signe is CEO and founding partner in innovation and strategy agency Group NAO.

Group NAO works with both big and small destinations in Europe and Canada, initiating new agenda-setting collaboration projects, like Time for DMOcracy with more than 42 global destination partners.

Group NAO also project manages a large tourism innovation project across the Nordic region, owned by Nordic Innovation. 

Signe is formerly Development Director of Wonderful Copenhagen – the destination organisation of Copenhagen, where she was responsible for the strategic shift towards “localhood” and a focus on balancing livability and visitability. Signe was also responsible for major change projects like 10XCopenhagen. 

Signe holds a master’s degree in Political science, studied Mandarin in Shanghai and has since pursued management education at MIT Boston, Hyper Island Stockholm and is currently completing an MBA in Creative Leadership in Berlin. Signe is on the Board of Museum Odense, and in 2017, she was selected as among Denmark’s Top 100 Young Business Talents by Danish media company, Berlingske Media.

Matthias Schultze


Matthias Schultze, Managing Director at German Convention Bureau, will give us an insight on the development of tourism and business events, including top trends and innovation. With almost 20 years of managing experience, Matthias is passionate about driving change and innovation, focusing on future-proof meetings and events as fundamental platforms for the exchange of knowledge.

His speech will address the change of people’s decisions regarding the atten- dance of events in physical form. A change that comes along with the new ecosystem of business events, shaped by digital and hybrid formats as well as by the longing for authentic places, emotional experiences and sustainable concepts.

Alushca Ritchie


Alushca Ritchie, President of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA), will give us an insight on re-imagining Tourism through experiential travel, a form of tourism in which tourists focus on a specific type of experience and engagement.

With almost 20 years of experience in the Travel- and Tourism industry she has a special feeling for identifying emerging trends in the industry. Currently, Alushca is serving her sixth year as President of the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations (WFTGA). Moreover, she is holding the position of Board Member of International Cultural and Creative Industries (ICCIRA) as well as Board Member of the Affiliates to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Alushca Ritchie is focused on mentoring recently qualified tourist guides and women who work in tourism securing a future for those working in tourism-tours, tour operating services and tourist guiding by ensuring sustainability and relevance of these professions.

Bruce Redor

Partner Gaining Edge

James Latham

Founder of Intellectual Capitals and The Iceberg

Bruce Redor is a highly experienced Anglo-American professional with over 25 years of experience in a variety of sectors within the hospitality and services industries. He is a partner of GainingEdge, a consulting firm that specializes in the business events industry and has been involved in a big number of consulting engagements worldwide, including Luxembourg.

Bruce will share a strategic approach about the impact and legacy of events.




James Latham is the founder of The Iceberg presented by the Joint Meetings Industry Council (JMIC). The Iceberg curates the storytelling of business events as change agents rather than travel agents.

James will focus on showing examples of how business events can be applied to social and economic transformation as well as the sustainable development of a destination.

Gerry Proctor

Chair of Engage Liverpool

Gerry Proctor is a passionate and highly knowledgeable advocate for the people of Liverpool, England. He is the current chair of Engage Liverpool, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of the people of Liverpool by engaging them in meaningful activities and giving them the necessary tools to achieve economic and social success. 

His dedication and commitment to creating positive change has been recognised by both local and national bodies, and he has been honoured with numerous awards, including the Queen‘s Award for Voluntary Service. Gerry is a strong advocate for the city of Liverpool, and he is committed to helping the people of the city to have a better quality of life.

At the Luxembourg Tourism Summit 2023, Gerry will speak about why all of us are tourists, even in our own cities.

Olivier Ponti

Vice President Insights at ForwardKeys

Olivier  Ponti, Vice President of Insights at ForwardKeys,  is one of the world’s most authoritative experts in travel research and destination marketing. He gives dozens of conference presentations and media interviews a year, cross-referencing ForwardKeys’ considerable data with numerous other sources, to identify new travel trends and forecast future travel patterns.

Previously, Olivier was Research Manager at Amsterdam Marketing, where he helped attract tourism and business investment to the city by judicious use of market research and compelling presentation. His data-driven approach was at the heart of successful initiatives to balance the demands of visitors, residents and businesses as Amsterdam became increasingly popular.

Until June 2018, he was also Chairman of the Research & Statistics working group of European Cities Marketing (ECM) where he played a pivotal role in developing the Group’s research tools and reports, as well as establishing strategic partnerships.

Olivier Ponti’s career in city tourism started in 2004 when he was appointed manager of the tourism research department of the Paris Visitors and Convention Bureau.

Olivier Ponti was educated at Sciences-Po in Paris where he gained a Master’s Degree in Economics, and the Sorbonne University where he gained a Master’s degree in Tourism Development. His connection to academia continues, as he teaches Market Intelligence at the Sorbonne.

At the Luxemburg Tourism Summit 2023, Olivier will reveal the impact of events on travel and provide deep insights into the travellers of tomorrow via the power of data in the Tourism Sector.

Thorsten Kausch

Managing Partner of
Stadtmanufaktur Marketing

Thorsten Kausch, Managing Partner of Stadtmanufaktur GmbH, is a leading expert in city-marketing strategy and stakeholder management. 

He believes that the centre of each city is its beating heart, as well as the crystallization point of the image it presents to the outside world. The attractions and functionality of the centre embody a vision of the city’s future. The pulse of the city centre keeps time with the zeitgeist.

Thorsten Kausch is a city-marketing and political-strategic communication consultant and the Managing Partner of Stadtmanufaktur GmbH. He was the Managing Director of Hamburg Marketing GmbH, Hamburg Tourismus GmbH and Hamburg Convention Bureau GmbH for over ten years.

Thorsten has enormous experience in developing city-marketing and brand-management strategies, as well as their implementation. He is the co-editor of “Cities as Brands 1+2” as well as the recently published book “Place Brands – How places become strong brands”, in which he has shared his knowledge and insights with a huge number of readers.

At the Luxemburg Tourism Summit 2023, Thorsten will explain in his speech “The City as a stage – Chances and Challenges”, how to successfully market a city and how this involves far more than just tourism-, or city- and location marketing.

Plan your trip to the luxembourg Tourism Summit


Map of the Venue:

Cercle Cité is located on the place d’Armes, in the heart of Luxembourg City. The area around the building is pedestrianised and non-accessible by car (apart from specific times and with a special permit granted by Luxembourg City).

3 Rue Genistre, 1623 Ville-Haute Luxembourg

How to get there:

By bus, tram
“Hamilius” bus stop
Bus stop city center, Kasinosgaass
Bus stop city center, Monterey
Bus stop city center, Badanstalt
Then by foot for +- 400 m

Public transports are free in Luxembourg

For more information
Mobilitéits Zentral
Mobility Center, Luxembourg train stationTel. 24 65 24 65

By train
The Luxembourg capital is linked to the TGV and the ICE.
The central station is located at about 10 mins walk from the city center.
For more information: www.cfl.lu

By car
Motorway access A1, A13, A3, A4, A6 and A7
lead directly to the city center of the capital.
Parkings : Center / train station / Kirchberg / Park & Ride

Luxembourg City Tourist Office a.s.b.l.
30, Place Guillaume II · L-1648 Luxembourg